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and our mutual obligations on the environment, and then there is something that paris and san francisco hold very dearly and that's an ongoing conversation about our human rights as world leaders, so it's human rights, it's the environment, it's the economy and these are the reasons why we hold our relationship with paris and with all the other great cities of the world in a sister city relationship so dearly, we learn from each other, we send delegations to each other, we welcome each other to the city but in each and every instance, we are always thinking about ideas about how we can help each other and help regions improve, so i am excited to have met with the mayor just a few minutes ago to reaffirm our relationship and we'll sign that in a few moments to document that and to promise each other that we will continue this very great relationship and we could not have done it without the involvement of our private citizens, tom horn has led a fantastic group of volunteers on our sister city committee for paris and san francisco, and he's doing a marvelous job and this again reflects
buses and in the city we're see ang increase of the use of shuttle buses both within san francisco and those that commute to outside of san francisco. the shuttle buses clearly provide a real benefit around decreasing the amount of trips that are taken by automobiles. often people who choose to go on shuttles, if they didn't have a shuttle as an option would be in a car driving by themselves. so we know there is really great benefits to the shuttle system. we know we're seeing a proliferation of them and we don't quite have a handle in the city how to manage our shuttle -- the private shuttle fleets in the city, especially as they relate to public space that we have around muni stops. so rather than not look at how we can prevent the wild west of the shuttles to become what is happening in san francisco, it's best that we look at how we can manage that. today i am requesting the city attorney to help us draft a permit process to regulate shuttles in san francisco and colleagues, i would be very interested in having input from your offices to help manage that legislation. and th
in bringing tourism and we know tourism is really a big job producer in san francisco. number four, we also have lots of funding, government funding, that is supporting capital projects, and for instance 2006 we did not have local hiring for our bond measure. 2011 half a billion dollars worth of work. i want local hiring so that we pay for it. our people that live here should benefit from it. >> all right. thank you. all right. now we're going to come to the candidate's closing statements but i want to remind you if you haven't registered to vote you still have time. please urge everyone to register the deadline is october 22nd and if you moved you need to register again. we're going to do the closing statements in reverse alphabetical order and to the candidates please remember you have -- you got that one right, one minute each. mr. yee we will begin with you. >> i am norman yee and running for supervisor and lived in the district for 27 year scption my two daughters grew up and i am running because i want to grow our economy, make our streets safer and keep our families here, and h
no stranger to bringing clean technology to san francisco and electric vehicles, are mayor, ed lee. [applause] >> thank you, bob. >> you for your leadership. good morning, everyone. we are going to be talking about something that i have been very interested in, and that is mobility. the ability to have technology work for you, like this microphone. we have worked hard for a number of years. i had the privilege of working with gavin newsom in the past to during his administration to create the electric vehicle infrastructure for the city and began the conversation and the collaboration with the other counties to bring an electric vehicle corridor. it signals our efforts to support the creation of infrastructure to the electric vehicle industry. of course we have encouraged the private automobile creators to join us. today is a wonderful opportunity to do that with a bmw. any of you who noticed the labels in this city, you will certainly noticed the popularity of bmw as a corporation, not only a great company but one that is also on the cutting edge of the use of technology. i want to thank the
of california, and the city and county of san francisco, this past couple of years in the sonoma county as well and going back and representing the west tip as well. and i want to continue to make sure that we have a strong government, strong and effective state government. and i have talked about the governor nans issue, making sure that we let the majority rule so that we don't have the kind of stall mates that we find currently where the minority party can block what the majority wants to do and so we can have the democracy. i make the point that we didn't become the 8th or 9th largest economy in the world by chance. we became so because for generations we taxed ourselves appropriately and invested in some of the best public structures this world has ever seen, the best k-12 system, the most accessible and affordable higher education system so that children can pursue the hope and dream of a college degree. we invested in water system and transportation systems that works, parks that drew the best and the brightest from around the world so they could pursue their own here in the golden state
in city college in san francisco, it is a travesty. almost 85,000 students are being supported by something like 39 administrators. students were not collecting fees for the classes. they have no idea the cost of different campuses and how they operate. and so that is just a case study in how we have to be brave, we have to have people who are willing to be honest and plan ahead. in terms of having community college system which is not only you know, such a critical aspect of san francisco, and almost one in ten people is taking classes there, but is around and is not threatened by something has horiffic as losing their credentials which are being threatened. >> i think that when governor pat brown designed the education, there were three rungs,. and they were absolutely integral. if you cut off one of those rungs you are cutting off a pathway for people to have a better life. if the community colleges don't offer courses where people can ma trick you late to csu or uc, i think that you are absolutely limiting their options. it is critical to do that. we have 90,000 students at
of the objects in the collection have not been maintained properly. the charter is clear. the san francisco arts commission is responsible to maintain an inventory of all artwork owned by the city. now this inventory has been in the works for quite a number of years. when we first started in september 2011, we were told that the inventory would be completed in 18 months. in september of 2012, we were told that the inventory will be accomplished and completed in 18 months. it's not clear whether or not the arts commission really wants to put a sufficient priority on this responsibility that the charter requires or not. the collections manager was only recently hired. the job has been vacant for five years. on a number of occasions, we've been told how many people will be assigned to do the inventory. that number has changed time over time over time. and it's changed again in the responses that we got from our report. and i might add that there are other responses that have changed from the material that was presented us that we verified, but that's another matter. >> president farrell: can i ask
. cheryl is a long time volunteer for the san francisco leauge of women voters and moderating many of the reforms and past recipient of the women that could be president award. we are honored to welcome cheryl. cheryl. >> thank you everybody. thank you for coming out tonight on a cold foggy san francisco evening. this district election is really important. i am proud to be here. this is a great organization. we have nine candidates and hello everyone. it's a pleasure to see everyone in the beginning and hopefully they remember me later. the way it will work is the candidates will have one minute that you submitted. i have four questions to start with, plus the league will have their own questions and we invite you to get your questions and someone will get them. the questions have been submitted on the leauge of women voters website and every candidate is going to answer every question, so now we have time keepers. our time keepers, our lovely time keepers are out in front here and they will hold up a yellow card to signify to the candidates have third seconds remaining
but now i'm speaking as a taxpayer and a property owner in san francisco. and i believe that the tallest building in san francisco, which is bringing onto the market first class office space is in the wrong location. i build office buildings most recently in development. i stood before planning commission and i stood before redevelopment agencies. i build office buildings and most important aspect of any real estate development is location, location, location. and cited on the site of the transit center is not the most desirable neighborhood. i'm going to live in that neighborhood, but it is not the locations for attorneys, banks, cpas and venture capitalists who pay the highest rents. this is a problem for the developers. it is also a problem for me, a taxpayer that my money is going into this and it's far too tall in the wrong place. thank you. >> next speaker i'm going to call one more time. come on up, sir. euronext, yep. -- you're next, yep. and next on deck is adrian simi. >>> hello, commissioners my name is andrew dream. i live in the sunset. our city is about to
park systems in the 40 biggest cities in the country, it rated san francisco as no. 1 in the country. we have the best park system anywhere in the country. that's because of the big investments made by previous generations of san franciscoans. the bad news is that a lot of that infrastructure is 60 to 80 years old and it's worn out and the city identified about 1.4 billion dollars worth of renovation that our park system needs to bring it back up to snuff. the good news is that the city has a long-term capital plan that includes that exact work. we started with the 2008 parks bond, which is already beginning to have a huge positive impact in our parks and recreation facilities all across the city and the 2012 bond is designed to pick up where the 2008 bond loofrbs up and keep moving forward with that effort to renovation playgrounds, trails, open space all across the city. >> george, how would you like to respond? >> i would like to respond first by saying thanks, richard, for inviting me. what has happened to the park system where groups throughout san francisco ar
neighborhoods and in just 5 years we're going to welcome home golden state warriors here to san francisco. (applause). thanks to the vision of joe lacob and peter guper and pete welch, this derelict pier we've been challenged with for decades, pier 3032, is going to be transformed into an iconic pier between at&t park. in working together we are developing area plans that will shape our city and our city's future for years to come, from the transit center district plan, anchored for the new transbay center which will provide space for 27,000 new jobs, 4,000 new housing units, a thousand new hotel rooms and 12 acres of new open space, from that center to the central corridor plan which will expand the south of market area hub, creating spaces for 30,000 new jobs and over 10,000 new housing units, we are diligently working hard on this creative planning for jobs for our future. and we're going to execute these plans consistently with our city's values. we need to make sure that our businesses and our commercial districts are places that welcome everyone to live, to work, to shop, to eat,
in san francisco. we have a mayor who has moved through the tears of prepared as an goddess ready to go. we get a little more prepared every day. god bless to the survivors. >> thank you. >> it is a minute of silence at 5-11. -- 51:11 p.m. let's have a moment of silence for a minute right now. [siren] >> i think the fitting way to end this germany first of all, -- this ceremony first of all. there will be playing. everybody have their words right here? i will give the countdown. as we hang the reece, i will give you a count here. have a look at me. 1, 2, 3, 4, 1. ♪ [singing] ♪ ♪ >> a great day, everybody. thank you. the san francisco chornicle. and the history association. and the neighborhood emergency response team. the american red cross. and thanks for making this happen. i want to invite everyone to go to 20th in church or -- and church. and we will meet up. we may skirt the law and serve something before 6:00 a.m. the bookmobile, where are they? >> i have my cheat sheet here which i cannot find. the library has been here after great disasters. there has -- is a special book
for the leadership of this community and of san francisco and the bay area and california broadly. (applause) >> you know, it's an honor to get up here and represent my boss, secretary kathleen sebelius and be like brandt colfax, another round of applause for dr. colfax, please. (applause) >> to have a reinvest and recovery act, our stimulus law with the leadership of leader pelosi, of our mayor, of our supervisors, and our community to have $9-1/2 million given to this city and to this area for this. but not just for this, but everybody's already setting this this morning, the local impact, the state impact, the national impact, and indeed the international impact. and i represent a region that is 50 million people. california, arizona, nevada, hawaii, it's a three territories and three countries in the pacific. and i could tell you that i have moved around my region. i've been working with the hiv/aids and other communities throughout our region. do you know how many people have said to me, i got my information through san francisco? (applause) >> that is something to be really proud of. you know,
dollars but i believe san francisco is one of the number one tourist attractions in the united states. it generates $9 million tax revenue a year and the buddhists say in heaven and hell is on everyday. you come into the city, can you go church and come out and go to westportal and get a ticket. i think that is morally wrong and gouging and gouging and eventually it's just bad pr and for the generating 2.5 million dollars on this budget it's senseless and it's just more government putting the throats -- putting the boots on the throat of the average day citizen. >> all right. thank you sir. mr. yee. >> so let's face it. let's not make our parking meters the atm for the city. i mean we really need to support the notion that we don't want meters to operate on sunday, especially in our district, district seven. the business corridors need access to customers and when you charge on sundays and parking meters the same people shopping and at restaurants they're going to go somewhere else. they're going to go to stonestown and the malls and if you believe in the small businesses in t
for this location. san francisco needs family housing, these are going to be two 3-bedroom units and with all respect, commissioners, mraes approve this project because it meets city policies and it's a good project. thank you very much. >> thank you. that last picture that you put up, is that directly across the street? >> correct. >> thank you. >> i'm done, thank you. >> i'm sorry, you'll have time to rebut later. mr. sanchez, you are up next if you'd like to speak. >> thank you, scott sanchez, representing the planning department and the planning commission. the subject property on sanchez feet located with an rh3 zoning district so allowing 3 dwellings on a lot and has a 40 feet height limit. the building was indeed permitted in 2005. the neighborhood notification was filed in 2006, there was one discretionary review filed at that time. subsequent to that filing apparently the department decided additional environmental evaluation was needed so in july of 2007, an environmental application was filed to allow them to be through the historic resource evaluation report and they complete
meeting for the city and county of san francisco. thank you one and all. >> jennifer wagner. jnny first joined the league in san francisco in 2001 and has since volunteered in many roles at the local, regional and state and nation levels she currently volunteered as the president of the league of woman voters of california, and is a small business owner here in san francisco. she holds a degree in government, from claire mont college and a policy. >> good evening, everyone, candidates. >> good evening. >> this year we have two candidates for state assembly state 19, michael brior and phil tim. >> they will answer questions that you in the audience submit as well as the questions submitted to the league of women voters. in addition, the viewers from the senior center may submit questions on-line. the time keepers will hold up a yellow card to signify to the candidates that they have 15 seconds remaining and hold up a red card when it is time to stop. >> both have asked the supporters to be respectful of the candidate and the audience and to maintain the quiet during the forum, i also ask
important roles that they can play and all over the world. and for us in san francisco to experience it right down to the very neighborhoods that we have who want to learn what it is our relationship -- how do we work together when a huge disaster might befall us, that is why i'm excited for some of these new aspects to keep rolling out every year. we've done all the other things that major cities have done. we have invested in technology. we've got great websites that ann cronenberg that the vest have embraced with our he can knowledge jai partners. we have the learn sf that i'm personally on. i receive those messages religiously of anything that might happen. of course, with critical mass this week, i was on that cell phone all the time to see whether or not anything in the city was out of character that we really had to make sure we covered. but all the other events as well. we have a great website. that's been our main stay for the public to learn and understand what it is to be better prepared. we've also had, of course, more fun ones for people to engage themselves, families an
and that defines san francisco. i am not anti-development by any means but it needs to be done right wherever it's done in conjunction with transportation, water, sewer, electrical infrastructure. transportation is so important when talking about projects like park merced or others. if you talk about building a project anywhere and look at the eir process or elements that have to do with transportation and just rely on muni and near a station or track. we just can't put it off like that and we have one element -- excuse me, probably going to work. no. so it means doing it right in conjunction with all of the existing infrastructure including muni. >> all right. mr. crowley. >> thank you cheryl. we are blessed. we are land locked but i believe in this case we need to have balance. we have a housing trust before us this november they believe needs to be replacing the redevelopment agency which has indexes for salaries of folks that can benefit from an affordable housing policy. i would also say that most homes and apartments and condo conversions need to be near transportation and reta
before the debate was even over. >>> just ahead, that $8 million accident. we're live in san francisco where team oracle is going through the wreckage following their boat crash. >>> also -- >> i was sad, but at the same time i was mad. >> his school says he is a health risk to the other children. coming up, how a little palo alto boy and his family are fighting back against a school order. >>> also, putting a san francisco spin on it. the event that is turning the city into a playground. >>> and good afternoon. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. temperatures 20 degrees above average, near record-setting. air quality also suffering over the next 24 hours, going up to moderate levels for thursday. we are also tracking that heavy rain across st. louis with a rain delay for the giants and the cardinals. we'll have more on your forecast, coming up. >>> oracle's state-of-the-art catamaran that flipped during a practice run yesterday in the bay is back at its home base tonight, undergoing repairs. late this afternoon, the america's cup organization released new footage of t
>> he welcome back to the october 17 meeting of the san francisco board of appeals. we are now calling ate a through 8d, appeal numbers 12-105 through 12-108. the appeals have been filed by josh bleacher snyder and dennis stewart and they are against the department of building inspection with planning department approval. the subject property is at 530 sanchez street. two of the appeals are protesting the issuance on august 20, 2012 to brendan fox to demolish a building with 1,830 feet square feet of area and a permit to erect a building, 4 story two-unit building with 1413 square feet of ground floor area. these appeals will be heard together and we will start with the appellants, mr. snyder, if you care to go first, you have 14 minutes for the two appeals. we're going to hear them at the same time. >> good evening, honorable members of the board of appeals, the three of you. my name is josh bleaker snyder, i live two doors down from 530 sanchez, which is the property in question. i am opposed both to the demolition of the house that currently is there and in particular
different neighbors is a retired san francisco firefighter. one neighbor said that he lived there with his grandson. another person said that he lived there with his girlfriend. we are still trying to get more information perhaps from the public information officer. however, you can see the house is on the left. it is not the brick house. you can see it started near the small fire. near the alameda county fire department came out and quickly put out the fire and turn the process they discovered a dead body and they do this from time to time but there was something suspicious in nature. the investigators are not telling us why they were called out. but it is the fire department. you need to come out it is your scene. the homicide investigation unit is here. again we're still waiting for the public informational officer. >> a developing story will keep you updated thank you, will tran. and also there is a hot spot, george. >> sadly menlo park there are three left lanes that are blocked with a multi- vehicle accident. blocking bayshore traffic towards university but it is not impacting southb
move the series to st. louis for game 3 after splitting the first 2 in san francisco. >> reporter: it was a long day in st. louis. it began over threatening skies and ended in disappointment for giants fans. san francisco looked to catch a break when carlos beltran injured his knee in the 1st. he was replaced by matt carpenter. in the 3rd, he hit a rocket into the bleachers to give the cardinals a 2-1 lead. st. louis added a run, and then the storm came which delayed the game for 3 hours and 28 minutes. when they returned, jason mot got a save to clinch the win. we'll have reaction from the giants clubhouse and who's going to start game 4 tomorrow. york. the bizarre history >>> i don't think this is something families should be looking to. >> it just popped up here in san francisco after trouble in new york. the bizarre history of the man now greeting tourists and children in an elmo costume. him. the colorful character -- with a mouth to match --s been arrested for harassing >>> there's a new elmo in town. or at least a guy dressed like elmo. he has been arrested for harassing to
what it was. people like flight attendants, hotel owners reported it was widespread in san francisco. one friend who owns a hotel says he pays his maids a bonus if they can locate it. his flight attendants won't fly to san francisco anymore. keep up the good work on these bed bugs. they are a really serious threat to the entire city. thank you. >> thank you. is there any other public comment? seeing none, public comment is now closed. [ gavel ] supervisor david campos? >> thank you very much, madame chair. and i want to thank all of the members of public who have come out to speak on this item. i also want to note that we have in the audience former supervisor tony hall and it's good to welcome a former member of this body here. i will keep my comments very brief, because i think that everything that has been said, that needs to be said about this matter has been said by the tenants themselves. and i especially wanted to thank the tenants and the residents of not just sro hotels, but different units in the city that have come forward to shed light on this issue. i also want to thank
-fascists, and need to know san francisco main public library reports 2012 nobel price for peace democracy was awarded to european union. congratulations to the government, imperialists, but these artificial doves don't fly. going in and out of context. [speaker not understood] one liberation of german people from oppression/occupation. two repatriation. european union on federalistic basis. 8 european court of arbitration. 12, economic integration of europe. witness those parties to imperialistic germany -- [speaker not understood] >> thank you, next speaker. >> tom townsend south beach marina apartments. i just met for the third and last time my next door neighbor of 20 months, 14.5% increase sent him packing. while we're going about taking stock of our homes in the city, i want to reiterate that market-rate apartment in the city is first and foremost a vehicle for investors to make money. and they are not homes. when you are taking stock of the situation of the homes that are created here in the city, please why don't we find out what is a second home and a third home for the people that are buyi
bay six in san francisco, five san rafael, four oakland mountain view two, san jose the same. what are those temperatures? in the 60s and 70s almost 80 at half moon bay for the warm spot. into the afternoon looks like we hang in the 70s even a few 80s near the coast bay warmest temperatures low to mid 80s some 90s inland. back with the full forecast. >>> new clue makes investigators more suspicious than ever it was no accident a house burned overnight with a woman's body inside. amy hollyfield is live at the scene on san carlos avenue in castro valley. >> reporter: the fire wasn't that big the home barely looks damaged. look at the investigators they have out here and what a chunk of this street has been blocked off. they have several theories and they want to look into etch one. firefighters aren't sure what -- starred this fire overnight or why the woman in the home died. they did quickly realized they needed to call crime scene detectives. >> when the fire department got here, they believe that an accelerant had been used possibly. any time you have an accelerant along with a bo
, it is not going to change your mi mind. but i've been serving san francisco for the last more than 10 years. i've been taking people to hospitals, i've been taking people to, you know, your family, your family members, to whatever they want to go. proudly serving the san francisco for more than 10 years. but in return, what i've been waiting -- the waiting list more than eight years. in return what i got is nothing. we offer mta more than the company -- what the company offered. i don't know why -- why mta doesn't want to take the offer. i mean why is mta really against cab drivers who is always serving every day the san franciscans. i mean the voters have to finally decide this. >> chairman nolan: thank you. >> david pilpel. >> david pilpel. regarding the 37 line, there is a complicated history on that. i would encourage you to ask the director ris kin to put that in a memo to the board explaining what's happened and what is proposed to change there. i've commented before on the new transit shelters. and i've asked to no success but will try again for the status of the transition from the old
baseball game in st. louis. the san francisco giants are playing the cardinals in game 3 of the national league championship series. the game has just started again after a lengthy rain delay. paul chambers shows us what bay area fans did to wait it out. >> reporter: mccovey's restaurant in walnut creek when the giants scored a double play in the first, but then the cardinals jumped ahead. >> torture. being a giants' fan, you're used to it. i love it. >> i'm one of the biggest fans ever. got a magnet on my refrigerator that said the number one fan. >> reporter: we didn't go to her thousands verify it but stepped outside mccovey to see her brick. and she said there is a matching one in at&t park. but more giants fans were at the public house waiting for the rain they to be over. one man said rain is nothing compared to what he has been through. >> we were 981989 october 1 world series, my birthday. >> reporter: 20 years later, he is hoping for a different outcome. >> i have been a die-hard giants fan since candlestick park and seen 2010 happen, and it's all about 2012 now. >> we will watc
tonight, hoping that the san francisco giants can tie up the series against the st. louis cardinals. and we have a live report from st. louis. one of the interesting pregame traditions at bush stadium. and who will be -- throwing out the first pitch. >> people are streaming in. lots of red and not much orange. the game is about an hour away. there's a cardinals pep rally going on. and the fans are excited about taking game >> . and the arrival of the budweiser clydesdale is one of the traditions. ozzie smith throwing out the first pitch. cardinals fans want to capitalize and giants fans are looking to even up the series at 2-2. with tim lincecum on the mound -- >> there was a few times they had runners and couldn't knock them in. they need to get the clutch hit with runners in scoring position. >> reporter: are you worried? >> not worried. i'm a little concerned. but if we can win this tonight, we're back where we need to be. >> what's it like watching baseball here. >> i've gotten a lot of pats on the back saying welcome to st. louis. i have a lot of new respect for cardinals fans
series title. game time late this afternoon here in san francisco, 5:00, 7:00 local time and we're on the air an hour before over on comcast sportsnet bay area with october quest. all your pregame festivities, getting you set for tim lincecum versus adam wainwright, game four, giants and cardinals. we'll have more in the next half hour. for now i'm scott reese, live in st. louis. jon and laura, back to you. >> it must be cool there, he's got hi gloves on this morning. christina yesterday's game got rained out for a time. how does it look for today? >> we had a frontal boundary move right over busch stadium yesterday, hence a 3:three hour8 minute rain delay. cold weather is not great when it comes to the ball traveling. it makes it hard for the pitcher and the hitter so we'll have to see how that fares for our boys. but we've got your back big-time here at nbc bay area. we'll have live updates throughout the day on that. 50 in napa, 60 to start here in san francisco and the south bay nice and cool this morning, 50s all across the board. as we head throughout this afternoon, the m
on the bay arena. a little clever pun here but really the images showing how photo genic san francisco ended up being a backdrop and how attractive the races ended being for the people who are nominally interested. >> it was rewarding for all of the work that we did with down to making sure that we had enough parking control officers, traffic managers and bus drivers and the cooperation that we got >> the enthusiasm came from the sailors and non-sailors alike. there were no significant complaints from the neighborhoods. we worked closely with the neighbors especially around the marina and the areas that we thought that the impacts would be greatest. the groups hosted the many conversations and did a lot of advanced planning on their own that helped to work >> we have benefits that came to the districts and very unusual back-to-back positive reviews about our service >> what we have learned is to make sure that the events that come out in october. >> we need to make sure that these are safe. the comparisons of the cup and the international sporting event, this is the third largest internation
area and oakland and san francisco. we also know that the orion meteor shower is peaking this evening. we're working on that now. more at 11:00 over on channel 7, but we have asked spencer christian to check in more. there is something out there pretty interesting. >> we've been getting calls in the weather office. we have been trying to reach some official source that can confirm or deny that the meteors is what people have been seeing tonight. we do know that the meteor showers begin yesterday and will peak on the 20th. it's possible a shooting star or flash of light is what people have been seeing. no confirmation on that. i don't want to speculate. let's take look at live doppler 7-hd. we have clear skies, coast to inland. we have a very warm to hot day today. high temperatures range from 70 at half moon bay to 82 at san francisco. 84 santa cruz. warmer than san francisco, 85 in oakland. 89 in inland east bay locations. 92 in ukiah. this will be with us for another day. as a result rising temperatures and very low humidity and gusty winds. we have a red flag warning for high fire
marzullo live in san francisco i'll tell you the easy way you can enter to win, next. >>> it may be you, it won't be us we are not eligible. good morning at 5 o'clock between the 49ers game tonight and maybe if you are a meteor showers watcher the weather could not be any more perfect. >> but warmer. >>> no need to take your coat to the game tonight mid 70s by the start mid 60s by the end fun electric night at the stick. right now live doppler no radar returns, still following high fire danger in red higher elevations north bay mountains, east bay hills, diablo range that area still susceptible to high fire danger tendencies over the next couple of hours. low to mid 70s at the coast, low to mid 80s bay mid 80s to low 90s sunshine everywhere. >> the big boom has everyone talking this morning. meteor shower across the sky over northern california astronomers tell us we may be in for more. we could see more sights like this the next few nights viewers captured these images of last night's meteor shower. you may have heard the big boom or felt it around 7:30. with clear skies and warm tempe
will start. 5:07 first pitch. >>> later this morning, san francisco mayor lee will officially launch public campaign to bring the super bowl to the bay area. the city on the short list to host either the 2016 or 2017 super bowl played at the new 49ers stadium in santa clara. mayor lee will introduce member of the bid committee during a celebration this morning. members of that committee include former mayor willie brown, 49ers president and former san francisco giants president. >>> tonight 49ers take on seahawks hopefully the 9ers will come out winners, maybe so will you. tonight after the game one person will be $49,000 richer. katie marzullo is live in san francisco to tell you how. >> reporter: it is just like that it is just that easy. i just talked to a nice man on a bike said he moved here two months ago as soon as he gets home he will like abc7. when you go to you see this, make sure you like us, click on this green button that says win $49,000. it will take you to a form, fill that out and you are entered to win. you have to be a resident of the bay area and a
red a handful of orange-wearing giants fans. among them, two brothers from san francisco, positioned in front spots behind home plate and hoping that when play resumes, their team will turn things around, since they were losing 3-1. >> obviously, i wish we put a few more across, but it's still early, and the giants are known for late-inning comebacks. so hopefully the magic continues in this game. >> we did have a scoring opportunity we probably should have capitalized on, but there will be many more to come, and the giants are going to win. go giants! >> reporter: and the cardinals are used to this. the fans watching the storm move in. they were pretty much predicting for us when it would hit. it's been a big boon for the beer sellers. we hope eventually those rally towels will come in handy. at last word, the tarp was still on the infield but things do look promising for getting this game 3 going again. we're live in st. louis, ktvu channel 2 news. >> let's go giants! >> thousands of miles away from st. louis, here in the bay area, also waiting for game 3 to resume. as you can see,
the san francisco planning code. >> colleagues same house, same call? this is passed [ gavel ] . >> item 27 ordinance amending the administrative code by adding section 10e.4 to monitor san francisco's housing preservation and production polices and goals. >> colleagues any discussion on this item? supervisor wiener? >> thank you mr. president. i don't know if the author was planning to make introductory comments. i would be happy to defer. >> supervisor olague would you like to make introductory comments? [ inaudible ] >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you very much, mr. president. i voted against this item in committee and clearly at articulated what my concerns is that we have a housing affordability supply crisis in san francisco. one of those elements is investment in affordable housing to make sure that we are providing that important category of housing, but there are other aspects of well and as much it would be great that we had enough government resources to make that the sole solution. realistically we're never going to be there. there is simply not enough public
do today. >> thank you. we'll offer some comments. i think that this is going to be san francisco's great tower. there are many great towers around the world. san francisco is known as a city of innovation. i think this building will be innovative. its mechanical uses, exterior were pieces passed along up here. excuse me. i was a little bit disappointed, though, not about the design, but the observation deck was not included. and i know that had been discussed and the department -- the city was maybe pushing towards that. i just want to throw out a little bit of few facts that i was able to look up just for contemplation and that is the new world trade center in new york will bring in $100 million per year in revenue from observation deck sales. placed like the empire state building brings in 3.8 million visitors per year, sears tower 1.4 million visitors per year, the hancock objecttry in chicago 6 million per year. it's not about the dollars, it's the impact and coming from a tourism background, the experience that we can give visitors to san francisco and this will be, in my op
their whole lives, who paid social security. think about living on $889 a month in the city of san francisco needing to buy medication, one meal a day, hopefully, and health care. if we could provide health care early on we might prevent (inaudible) and people would be less likely to end up in the emergency room with a drastic outcome. we could actually provide prevention and health care to people who had no other way of getting health care, those without insurance, it might be more cost effecti i have a moti. call to order. >> >> roll call, dorine woo ho? >> here. >> kimberly brandon? >> here. katz? here. >> approval of the september, 25th, 2012. >> move approval. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> item three, public comment and executive session. no one is here. executive session. >> so moved. >> second. >> >> move for executive session. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> be advised that the use of cell phones and pagers and similar sound producing electronics devices are prohibited at this meeting. the chair may order the removal from the meeting room for any person responsible fo
. it ended in disappointment for giants fans. san francisco looked to catch a break when slugger carlos beltran injured his knee. he was removed and replaced by matt carpenter, who had five postseason at-bats prior to today. in the third inning, carpenter hit a rocket off matt cain into the bleachers, to give the cardinals a 2-1 lead. st. louis added a run. then the storm came which delayed the game for 3 hours 28 minutes. when they returned, jason motte got a 6-out to preserve the win. st. louis takes a 2-1 series lead. coming up in sports, we'll have reaction from the giants' clubhouse and we'll tell you who will start game 4 tomorrow here in st. louis. >>> a reservoir in contra costa has dug up more than just dirt. they've been finding native american remains, dozens of them. a compromise had once been reached about how to deal with this, do the work, but disturb as few remains as possible. but now one native american says the developer is going too far, in a story you'll only see on cbs 5, he tells reporter christin ayers the developer is doing needless digging and he wants it stopp
have taken a 2-run lead in the nl championship series by outlasting the san francisco giants 3-1 in a game that was interrupted by a 3.5 hour rain delay! stellar pitching from both sides tonight. but the giants just left too many runners stranded on base. the big hit for the cardinals was a matt carpenter 2-run homer in the 3rd. he entered the game as a replacement for carlos beltran who was taken out after grounding out in the 1st. game 4 tomorrow with tim lincecum taking the mound for the home team. >>> the 49ers are not happy about this. a man was stabbed outside of candlestick park on sunday. a brawl broke out in the stadium parking lot. philippe she cheingal has more --. >> reporter: which is what the police department said they do not want to happen at candlestick park. this video shows fans distressed in 49ers gear trading blows in the parking lot. fans should think twice before getting violent at the stick. >> as always, we are directing our officers in opposing jerseys and other plain-clothes gear. they will be monitoring inside the stadium and in the parking lot. >>
who grew up in san francisco. we all have stories of guys involved with the gang. everyone has a different story of why they joined. my thing is, i believe it works for me to be involved with kids who were in gangs -- i worked with all of the shot colors and i had a goal while i was there. it took me 10 years before i started to transform my life. in the meantime i have the goal that i wanted to be out here. i wanted the opportunity. i was given a life sentence in 1979. i was involved in gang and i caught a murder case. 15 years to life -- and i came here in 1979 and i got out -- and i have been out for almost five years. in my heart, i knew i found a solution when i was incarcerated. and there are different stories. some of the kids joined the gangs because they want to fit into something. some of them don't have a family, and the father and mother are working. for a lot of kids, there is a lot of idle time. it is not like, i will join the gang and i will shoot you. you grow up that way, and before you know you are cutting school. this is begins. working with the different kid
're capable of. san francisco's finest, if you will. they just do it, they do all the time. we get used to it, because they do it without a segment thought. than they are embarrassed for the recognition. if you are parent, child, a loved one, whatever, it is so important that this is also for you for lending us if these fine men and women for their time when they are serving the city as san francisco police officers, because they will -- when you hear these stories, it will take your breath away. nobody would blame them for not if they had, and they did not. you have heard enough of me, so let's get to storytelling and recognition. thank you all for coming. [applause] >> thank you, chief. commissioner president mazzucco: . president mazzucco: thank you. after watching your vision, i am a little nervous. i drove with him today. on behalf of the san francisco police commission, i want to thank you all for coming here this evening. it is an honor to stand before the police officers this evening, and i am humbled by it. when you hear their acts of valor, a chill will run up your spine. these men
the horses anymore in golden gate park. i love it. i love san francisco. thank you. >> is there anyone else that would like to make public comment on this item? seeing none public comment is closed. commissioners. >> i would like to move this for approval. >> second. >> moved and second. all in favor. aye. opposed. hearing none it is unanimous. >> next nine is alioto park and parking restriction. >> commissioners this item is discussion and possible action to establish four hour parking restrictions to be effective monday through friday between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. within the park on el camino del mar from 33rd avenue and extending westward adjacent to the boundary of lincoln park and within the lot in front of the palace of legion of honor and signage to be paid by the fine arts museums of san francisco. fine arts of san franciscos which operates the palace of legion of honor in lincoln park has requested this establishment of the parking restrictions on el camino and the reference parking lot. these currently used for public parking without restriction and the sites adjacent
their life. katie marzullo is live at the caltrain station in san francisco with more on that huge $49,000 giveaway that will happen during our show after the game tonight. >> reporter: yes, after the game, somebody is going to hear their nam announced on abc7 news and that person is going to be $49,000 richer. it could be you. all you have to do is like us on facebook. the first commuters who arrived this morning were greeted with good news. we are giving away $49,000. >> i already did it many >> reporter: all they had to do was ask me. go to and like us. then click the win $49,000 button and fill out the entry form. only rizes of the bay area can enter which means -- only residents of the bay area can enter which means your chances are good. >> i'm going to payoff my car. >> reporter: very wise man. >> nothing frivolous. i'm going to keep it and save it. >> reporter: do as you please. but remember, you can't pen if you don't enter. >> i'll do it. -- i moved here two months ago. it will be my first and only station i do like. >> reporter: just a couple other thin
to have partnered with the san francisco simple thoan since 1935. i think it's a landmark that san francisco voted to institute a municipal symphony. in close advisement with the city attorney's office, we believe we are in complete compliance with the charter and the law. the path-through, the earmark like we have for the police department, the municipal earmark from the charter goes directly to the san francisco symphony in it's entirety resulting in 12 community events, symphony events including dolores park and other parts of the city. and the gift that is received by the arts commission from the san francisco symphony is in compliance with the admin code or the arts commission's ability to accept gifts under 5.100 of the city charter. so and it's our feeling that that is a great partnership and it is the gift is greatly valued and supports our general fund program including community education in our grants program so the arts commission is very grateful and we believe based on the city attorney's advisement that we are in compliance with the charter and with the law on that.
' fans, even from thousands of miles away. paul is live in san francisco with giants' fans and a waiting game. >> reporter: gasia, as the rain trickles down -- actually poured down in st. louis, people began to pour out of here in san francisco. now, of course we still have a few people inside waiting for the rain delay. with this game being in the middle of the day, a few of the sports bars we went to were pretty busy. earlier in the day we were at mccovey's. the game kept fans on the edge of their seats, as the giants played their hearts out, hoping to take the lead in this seven- game series. true giants fans keep the faith. >> we learned that they could be down two and still win it three in a row at home. we're in! >> i've seen 2010 happen. it's all about 2012 now. >> it's torture! being the giants, i know they're used to it. that's why i love baseball. >> we will watch them tomorrow and friday, and we're ready! >> we're ready to go out on sunday and monday. it's gonna go into a seventh. >> giants have to torture us a little bit. that's how it always is. >> reporter: there is still t
. >>> an injured sea lion found on san francisco's pier 39 is set to be released later this morning. he was found on pier 39 last tuesday with plastic packaging wrapped tightly around his neck. this is video of the actual capture. doctors at the marine mammal center have spent the past week nursing him back to health. he'll be set free later this morning. >> very nice. >>> 5:08 right now. fire crews continue battling a wildfire near santa barbara. we'll have the latest on their progress next. >> reporter: i'm damian trujillo. the tournament gets under way today. we'll have a preview coming up. >> i'm not sure i can beat this. we'll take a look at business news as well. how about that. >> you just stay seated in your chair over there. for the latest news, traffic, weather, check us out on facebook. we'll all log on right now. we'd love to hear from you. you can also search nbc bay area. >>> right now we take you live to greece with tens of thousands of workers are hitting the streets of downtown athens protesting against government austerity cuts. these protests are part of a 24-hour general strik
vid atemorizado por el fantasma de la deportaciÓn, el id de san francisco los hace sentir mÁs seguros. se tramita en t esta ofr y desde que lo empezaron a dar san francisco ha dado 15 mil lorena una organizadora comunitaria que luchÓ por esta tarjeta, dice que el esfuerzo hava le valido la p. >>> la lucha por estai de, es parte de una lucha mÁs grande que ha skwemgscemos en la ciuda no hemos podido hasta este momento cambiar las leyes federales que estÁn aplastando la comunidad. >>> hoy nn los Ángeles donde consideran entregar las propias tarjetas de identificaciÓn pasa lo mismo que en san francisco, grupos que quieren limitar la inmigraciÓn critican a la ciudad diciendo que hacen mÁs facil la vida de clos vviolan la ley aqÍ san francisco la tarjeta no parece haber causado problemas. al contrario sÓlo buenos comentarios. >>> es la pura realidad ni un problema que diga vamos a hacer algo ilÍcito. esto me consta se puede usar para ir a la biblioteca ver al mÉdico o abrir una cuenta, pr lulÚ lo mÁs importante que le da tranquilidad, en muy san francisco univision. defensores
the -- of san francisco's cultural legacy. before i turn the podium over to my colleagues who will present the report about governance issues, and whatnot, i wanted to clear up some misunderstandings about the comp position and work of the civil grand jury, some of which came out during the last meeting of the government audit and oversight committees. i know the supervisors here probably know how the jury works and what it encompasses so i ask for your indulgence given the fact that those who are watching do not. the california constitution state law requires a grand jury to serve from july 1 to july 30 of the following year. in san francisco the presiding judge of the superior court empanels two grand jury, one that's the indictment grand jury and we the civil grand jury report on matters of concern. the citizen watchdog of county government, the civil authority has authority to investigate and viewt niez the conduct of business of county government as well as the operations of various offices and agencies. the 19 of us, all citizens of san francisco, determine which officers, department
january 11th in the san francisco superior court. >> same house, same call, this ordinance is finally passed. item 10. >> resolution authorizing the lease of warehouse office and parking lot space in daly city for the san francisco municipal transportation agency car operations and other transit-related uses . >> supervisor chu. >> thank you. this came before the budget and finance committee and was continued for a week so we can review additional information provided by the mta. this item did not come without recommendation. we thought this item was one that had a lot of questions for it and it's something that i think all of us have to think very deeply about whether we want to support or not. in a nutshell it authorizes the mta to executive the lease with an initial term of 20 years. there is also two 5-year options to extend the lease. it represents roughly 12.7 acres of space with 255,000 square feet of rental space. this process was initiated because the current 13 acres site where the mta's operation exist at pier 70 is planned for development work, but also to another ext
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